To become a full member of any shooting club, there are a number of prerequisites you are required to have by law, however, these may sound daunting at first but should not be seen as an insurmountable hurdle by anyone keen to take up the sport.

Here at TNHR, you will be required to join as a probationary member for a period no shorter than 3 months and attend a number of shoots where the necessary skills and safety procedures can be explained and practiced.  As everyone learns and absorbs information at different rates, don’t be upset if your probation is longer than 3 months or appears to take a large number of shoots.  The idea is to ensure you enjoy the hobby as much as possible whilst also maintaining the high standards of safety and security necessary for everyone’s enjoyment and wellbeing.

The TNHR focus on Target Rifle as a means to educate new shooters but this does not mean you cannot use those skills to transition into additional disciplines, many of which are covered by existing members within the club.

If you feel that you wish to join the North Herts Rifles, please contact the membership secretary using the email link below.


( to avoids auto spam bots the address has been altered, all you need to do is change the [at] to an @ )