We are a UK Home Office Approved Target Rifle Shooting Club based in Hertfordshire, shooting Target & Service Rifles at Bisley.


We are The North Herts Rifles, a Home Office approved club that shoot at Bisley range, the home of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Primarily, the club members shoot Target Rifle (TR) at various ranges up to 1000 yards but there are also members with interest in Civilian Service Rifle (CSR) and Black Powder/Muzzle Loaders.  The club owns a large variety of equipment that allows a number of people to take part without the need for their own equipment.

Civilian Service Rifle is shot from a number of positions, at various ranges from 50 yards to 500 yards using either historic rifles such as the Lee Enfield No.4 .303 calibre or a modern rifle such a bolt action Remington 700.

Black Powder and Muzzle Loaders are normally shot at the shorter ranges and can be either original historic firearms or exact reproductions.

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